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Builders are xpcom components that are used to do the incrementing in "Location Navigator". I'm looking for people to get involved an help create new ways to increment locations. To do this we need to create new builders. There are 2 requirements for creating a builder. The component must implement the navIBuilder interface I created, and it must register as a category entry for "urlnav-builders". You can take a look at the navIBuilder interface below:

 * Interface for incrementing a value.  Implementations of this
 * interface can be used to add different types of url building
 * add a category entry for urlnav-builders to list your builder
[scriptable, uuid(C9F4AB62-9E2B-4995-A66C-F0947604D8A4)]
interface navIBuilder: nsISupports {
  //name of the builder
  readonly attribute AString name;
  //url of a preference pane for options.xul
  readonly attribute AString pane;
  //url of a settings overlay for capture.xul
  readonly attribute AString overlay;
  //used to define properties of a builder 
  readonly attribute nsIWritablePropertyBag properties;
  //main function used to increment a value
  AString increment(in AString aValue, in unsigned long aDirection);
  //select an initial portion of the capture textbox
  void guess(in nsIDOMNode aTextbox);
Check out the base component for an idea of how to implement.

The urlnav project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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